“Doing The Job Right”

It’s party time in the big city and the call goes out to singer & band "boss lady", KELLY BROCK to assemble her gang of usual suspects for yet ANOTHER lineup! The charge? Excessive use of voice, inciting feelings of euphoria! And the defense? The girl can't help it if she sings like a canary! Police harassment? Naw! It’s all part of the job! And the boys in the band? Well they're feeling bullet proof and ready to roll, musical fingers just ITCHIN' to leave their prints EVERYWHERE!

Kelly & The Gang have been playing together for over eight yers. To the far left, it's piano man, "KNUCKLES ARPPEGIO" (a.k.a. ANDRE KUNKEL)- keep your eyes on this character! One minute he'll have you swooning to the soft tinkling of his ivories only to slip seamlessly into the seductive, rhythms of Motown, R&B and before you know it, even Disco & Rock! Consider yourselves warned! In the center, sits gang time keeper, “KID ROLEX" (a.k.a. GUIDO THYLMANN). Don't let his kind eyes and "nice boy" charm fool you. He NEVER kids around when it's time to show his drum kit who's the boss! Sworn testimony by eye witnesses confirms that audience members have actually shed weight simply by WATCHING the kid beat a confession out of his bongos! And on the right stands the gangs' six string sharp shooter, "Doc Marley" (a.k.a. TODD TAYLOR). He's really a lover not a fighter who always keeps his super cool under fire. This is why he's known by some as "the virtuous virtuoso". His hard groovin' rhythms, mind bending solos and lush soundscapes provide the perfect distraction for the gang to make one clean getaway after another! Oh yeah, and those boys in the band ? Well, turns out THEY all sing like canaries TOO! Now what are the odds of THAT?

So, for your next inside job, take out a contract on Kelly Brock & The Gang- it’ll be a HUGE HIT! Take our word for it.​