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Kelly Brock- More Than Words (2010)

After taking a couple of years off to care for her baby girl, Kelly Brock is back with the first single from her upcoming CD, Chasing The Sun. The song is a duet with John Higgins from the popular country group, The Higgins and is a cover of the 90’s hit “More Than Words” made popular by the band Extreme. The song was produced by Richard Sera and is available on iTunes through Pacific Music/Warner Music Canada. Kelly says, “Having John sing on this track with me has been so much fun! John blends so beautifully with his sisters that you never get to hear what he sounds like on his own and on this duet he does with me, his lead vocal track really stands out. His vocal style is so warm and easy to listen to. Kelly is currently writing songs for the new release and will be in the studio recording more tracks (see YouTube clip to the left for a glimpse of new material!) for the new CD, Chasing the Sun. The single More Than Words is available on iTunes.

Kelly Brock- Rebel Kind (2007)

​KELLY BROCK- REBEL KIND (2007) Produced by Kelly Brock/Craig Zurba  Distributed by Pacific Music/Warner Music Canada

Track 1   Rebel Kind (Brock/Zurba)
Track 2   Cowboy Boots and Levis (Brock/Zurba)
Track 3   Thirty-Something (Brock/Zurba)
Track 4   Wake Up (Brock/Norman/Zurba)
Track 5   Vegas (Brock/Cohen)
Track 6   (DJ Play A) Drinkin’ Song (Brock/Zurba)
Track 7   Walk That Talk (Ackland/Brock/Zurba)
Track 8   Be My Angel (Zurba)
Track 9   Keep It Real (Brock/Zurba)
Track 10  Single And Lovin’It (Brock/Zurba)
Track 11  Heartache (L.George/Ulz)

DRUMS- Jerry Adolphe BASS- Dennis Marcenko GUITAR- Robbie Steininger, Mike Norman, Craig Zurba KEYS,ORGAN, PIANO- Craig Zurba, Mike Norman SLIDE- Russ Pahl MANDOLIN- Robbie Steininger

PEDAL STEEL- Wayne Addleman, Russ Pahl HARMONICA- Keith Bennett CELLO- Lorna Fortin BG VOCALS- VCS

(Vancouver Chick Singers)

Album Highlights:
- West-coast BC singer/song-writer, Kelly Brock has produced three successful independent CD recordings- Kelly Brock, So Close and Dirty Dishes. As well, her music videos have received support on MuchMoreMusic and CMT Canada and her songs have been  featured on many popular TV dramas including Dawson’s Creek, Smallville, Beautiful People, Joan of Arcadia and the Chris Issak Show.
- Guests on the new CD include recording artists Barney Bentall, Dustin Bentall and Barry Mathers of the Cruzeros 
- Brock has garnered many accolades including two nominations for the West Coast Music Awards and a Best Female Artist nomination for the Georgia Straight Reader's Choice Award two years in a row. She also recently placed as a finalist in the John Lennon Song-Writing Contest for the third track on the CD, Thirty-Something and won the Unisong Songwriting Contest for her song, If I Was President.

- Brock’s website has seen over a million hits since 2000 and her email list consists of 10,000 supporters. 

Rebel Kind is available at: and at iTunes

Kelly Brock- Dirty Dishes (2002)

Kelly Brock- Dirty Dishes.jpg

​Dirty Dishes CD Produced by Kelly Brock/Kris Joss (2002) 

Track 1   High On The Sunshine (Brock/Daly/Pickell) 
Track 2   Silver Heart (Brock/McBurney/Taylor)
Track 3   Heaven Help Me (Potter/Francher)
Track 4   Stones And Honey (Brock/Daly)
Track 5   Maybe I’m In Love (Brock/Cohen)
Track 6   Dirty Dishes (Young)
Track 7   Forgiveness (Brock/Daly)
Track 8   Drive Away (Brock) 
Track 9   Always Overcome (Carroll/Marinelli)
Track 10  Grateful (Brock)
Hidden Track  Long Gone (Brock)

Kelly Brock- acoustic guitar/ Kris Joss- Acoustic, Electric and 12-stings guitars, dobro, bass, organ, noise and efx/ Tino Zolfo- Bass/ Mike Kenney- Organ/Jessie Zubot- Fiddle/ Cam Grant and Cathy St Germain- BG Vocals


Album Highlights:
- the song High On The Sunshine featured in Dawson’s Creek, Smallville, Joan of Arcadia, Beautiful People and The Chris Issak Show.
- the songs Drive Away and Dirty Dishes featured in The Food Network’s popular cooking show, The Surreal Gourmet and From Spain With Love.
- video for High On The Sunshine placed in medium rotation at MuchMoreMusic.
- the song Drive Away was released on a Warner Music Compilation CD for the cooking show The Surreal Gourmet and featured artists Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Tom Waits, Moby and many more.

​Dirty Dishes available at: iTunes and

Kelly Brock- If I Was President

Kelly's single, If I Was President won the Unisong's International song contest in the environmental category. The song was produced by Brian Howes and is available at iTunes.

Kelly Brock- So Close (2000)

Kelly Brock- So Close.jpg
​So Close CD  Produced by Kelly Brock/Brian Howes/John Webster (1999)

Track 1    Desperate Measures (Howes)

Track 2    You’d Be Mine (Brock/Howes)
Track 3    One Chance (Brock/Howes)
Track 4    A Lot Of Little Things (Brock/Howes) 
Track 5    Intoxicated (Brock/Howes)
Track 6    Something About You (Howes)
Track 7    13 Stars (Brock/DuCharme)
Track 8    So Close (Brock/Howes)
Track 9    You’ve Come A Long Way Baby (Brock/Howes/White)
Track 10  Everything Is Good (Brock/Taylor)
Track 11  Highs And Lows (Brock/Joss)

Album Highlights:
- won Best Roots/Pop Album for Music Website Songwriters’ Awards 
- nominated for Best Female Vocalist for West Coast Music Awards in 2002  
- nominated for the Georgia Straight Reader’s Choice Awards for Independent Female Artist
- featured in VH1 movie, Out Of Synch
-two videos, Desperate Measure and A Lot Of little Things added into medium rotation at MuchMoreMusic 

 So Close available at:

Kelly Brock- Kelly Brock EP (1997)

Kelly Brock EP.jpg

Kelly Brock debut EP Produced by Kelly Brock, Kris Joss, Craig Zurba (EP-1997)
Track 1   Sacred (Ackland/Brock/Young) 
Track 2   Long Gone (Brock)
Track 3   Free Me (Brock/Holt/Joss)
Track 4   Keepin’ On (Brock/Holt/Joss)
Track 5   Wrong (Brock/Joss)
Track 6   In My Heart (Barnum)

Album Highlights:
- CD`s 1st single, Sacred featured in popular television drama, Dawson’s Creek
- video for Sacred added into medium rotation at CMT Canada
- song Long Gone featured in Anne Wheeler’s film festival favourite, Better Than Chocolate
- won 1st place in 2002 Annual Songwriting Competition

- song In My Heart, featured on Fox Family’s Television drama Higher Ground

​CD available at: iTunes and
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